World’s fastest Water Car Has Officially Arrived to Dublin!


The world’s fastest water car known as The Panther shocked Dublin onlookers as it marked the launch of Topaz’s miles fuel miles.

It was the first time ever that Irish people have ever seen the world’s fastest water car, which can reach top speeds of 130kph on land and 72 kph on water!

As shown below, European masters wake-boarding champion, Peter Sstewart performed stunts to the delight of onlookers.

The car was fueled by Topaz miles – a next generation fuel containing a unique blend of additives designed to take motorists up to 3 per cent further.

How much does the world’s fastest water car cost?

So will we be seeing more people adopt this mode of transport on the Irish waters? Despite its lightweight chromoly steel chassis and fibreglass base, as well as off road hydraulic off-road suspension, the world’s fastest car could set you back up to 130,000 euro.

Despite this, the car comes equipped with a 3.7-litre V6 engine – meaning that when it comes to speed, it’s more than a match for its more traditional seafaring companions.

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