Waist Trainers Demystified

Waist trainer myths demistified

The curse of being a bloke is the dreaded belly fat. A waist trainer does look tempting! But do waist trainers actually work? In Ireland, were a bit cynical to actually think that squashing your intestines could actually reduce fat and when you look at the science of fat, it becomes a bit more clear that this is absolute nonsense. Believing that health and fitness spokespeople could actually promote a waist artificially squeezed to the degree that it looks cartoonish could actually reduce your waistline!

Would you wear a womans corset, then why would you want to wear a waist trainer?

Waist trainers got their idea from the ancient corset design. Back a couple of centuries, corsets were women’s fashion. It didn’t work a century ago for women, why would it work for a bloke. In fact all that is actually happening is that your fat is merely getting pushed up toward your armpits and down the belt. Let’s compare this to toothpaste. Think about it. If you grab a tube of toothpaste in the middle and keep the lid on, the toothpaste won’t actually leave the tube, it will just get squished elsewhere! Well this is exactly what happens when you put on a mans version of a corset aka the waist trainer!

Waist trainers can cause serious damage!

If you stay up late enough and switch between channels you will definitely have come across waist trainers. Some claims of these advertisements can be that they will reduce your waistline and aid you lose fat. Scientifically referencing above the the claims made by waist-trainer manufacturers about shrinking the size of your waist are ridiculous. The only difference between an old school womens corset and waist trainer is that the corsets were stiff, had bone or metal supports, and were laced up. A waist trainer closes with little hooks and is made of elastic that squishes you in, giving you the same result. And while you might be opting for an easy fat loss and waist shrinking solution, it’s at best ineffective for fat loss, and at worst, dangerous. Waist trainers cause acid reflux because of the pressure on the abdomen which pushes stomach acid into areas where it shouldn’t be. They can actually decrease core strength and atrophy abdominal muscle. So if you are after a 6 pack, and back health, you are best to avoid waist trainers!

The most rubbish claims of waist trainers

To top this off, let’s investigate the claims of waist trainers and prove why these claims are absolute rubbish!

  1.  Waist trainers make you lose weight.

According to waist trainer manufacturers “perspiration while wearing the waist trainer creates the equivalent of a 30-40 minute workout for the user.” This is such nonsense! Perspiration is the result of your body cooling down. If you are going by this logic, that would mean the sauna would be your best friend to losing weight. But unfortunately sweating does not cause you to lose weight. The only possible way you could lose weight from a weight trainer is if you lost weight due to loss of water weight. Unfortunately the minute you rehydrate, it will all come back!

  1.  Waist trainers make you eat less

Getting a waist trainer to make you lose weight is simply not as effective to your mammies advice of simply pushing the plate away! Apparently some purport that a waist trainer can apply pressure to your abdominal area, that you’ll eat a little less because your stomach is being squished. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll stay in a caloric deficit. When you take the thing off your appetite may make you overcompensate for the calories you missed earlier. This is further backed up by a stu a study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care that failed to prove that waist trainers could be used to maintain weight lost after participants followed a low-calorie diet. The findings of this study was “corset treatment doesn’t appear to be an option for sustained weight control.” In other words waist trainers are useless at preventing you over indulging in pizza at the weekend!

  1.   Waist trainers train your waist to be a smaller size.

If you wrap a bandage tightly around your arm and leave it there for an hour, you’re going to have an indentation in your soft tissue when you unwrap it. A red dash, and a lack of blood flow. But, it’s not going to be permanent. An hour later, your arm is going to look normal again. How can one think that squeezing your midsection can actually reduce its size. This topic is just so farfetched. So, by the same process, any waist slimming is going to be temporary. Unless it’s actually deforming the structure of your bones and organs. And when that’s the case, the damage caused by a waist trainer could be permanent. Some doctors contend that there could be damage to the spine. The pressure exerted by the trainer affects the bones, ligaments, and nerves with prolonged use. The biggest cause for concern is what happens to your organs when they’re squashed for prolonged periods of time. Waist trainers can damage the diaphragm, colon, liver, stomach, and intestines which can all be shifted around inside the body.