U2, 30 years of the Joshua Tree


U2 played Croke Park on the 23rd of July and by all accounts a triumphant return for the foursome.

In 1987 it was the Saturday night I attended, a teenager of 16, infatuated with my heroes. I remember the queues, the almost hysterical chants while waiting.

The doors opened and we just legged it in. The crowd was subdued for a moment then the guitar riff of ‘Where the Streets have no name’ kicked in and we went wild. Bono had his cowboy hat on and a pair of dodgy legging type things, but it didn’t matter we were awestruck.

My abiding memory was of a guy running on the roof of the stand and Bono stopping a song to tell him to get down. It’s a memory though to see them 30 years apart.

Joshua Tree U2 Concert Croke Park


It was a great night and glad to see they haven’t aged much.