Top 10 ways to Enhance Your Sight

Top 10 ways to improve your sight (1)

We live in a world that is consumed by technology, the concept “we don’t go online, we live online could be damaging your sight. Here are the top 10 ways to enhance your sight despite your modern lifestyle of dimming lights.

1. Drink Coffee

The magic ingredient in coffee as we all know it, Caffeine has been shown to counteract dre eyes caused by air pollution according to the American academy of Ophthalmology.

2. Play Table Tennis

One of the most loved games to play when you were in school and one that’s not just refreshed in your memory when the olympics are on, table tennis is one of the best ways to improve hand-eye co-ordination.

3. Eat Onions and Garlic

Surprisingly one of the vegetables that causes your eyes to water actually improves your sight. Garlic and onion contain sulfur, cysteine and lecithin. Both of these foods work together to prevent the lens of your eye from becoming clouded.

4. Decorate your house with plants

Buying plants are not just for your granny’s birthday present. Believe it or not, but lessening the look of the man cave in your house can actually improve your sight. Plants increase humidity which benefit your eyes reducing dryness.

5. Avoid the Smoking Area!

According to research carried out by the Cambridge University second hand smoke can double your risk of eye disease! Next time you want to chat up that girl in the smoking area of a club, think again. Second hand smoke damages the blood vessels that supply your eyes with oxygen.

6. Be a Gamer!

Research by PLOS showed that people who play video games have a thicker ‘left frontal eye fields’ the part of the eye that is responsible for focus and movement.

7. Get Screen Specific Specs.

With the daily man being addicted to the screen, one way you can improve your sight is getting glasses specific for screens. It will cut eye strain and neck pain.

8. Use Jasmine Oil

Aftershaves such as Armani that contain jasmine can increase beta waves in your brain. As a result this improves your visual awareness. This might be a good choice if you intend to be a little bit fussier on a night out!

9. Eat Eggs

Eggs contain more zeaxanthin and lutein than carrots proving better for improving your sight than carrots! Improve your daily protein intake and hit an omelette in the morning to see better during the day.

10. Invest in Proper Shades

Avoid bargain shades and protect your eyes. Opting for 100% UVA and UVB protection. frames will protect your eyes from unnecessary damage.