Why Rugby is better than American Football.


Well you could just cut the argument short and say that American Football is just a ridiculous sport, but in the spirit of fairness we need opinions to back it up so here we go:

rugby vs american football

1. Rugby is Worldwide

Rugby is a worldwide game, while American Football is only played in a handful of countries, that being the US and Canada. The International Rugby Board rankings, on the other hand, list 94 nations (with the USA actually being in 16th. New Zealand is ranked No.1 at rugby union and, since America has a population 100 times as big, the sky should be the limit. With the Aussies being best at rugby league, there is really an opportunity for the US to focus a bit more on being better at rugby.

2. Rugby is more intense

Rugby is all action for 80 minutes. American Football is all in action for four hours—arguably the slowest game on earth. Just try turning the TV on at random in the middle of a game. If there are no ads showing and something is actually happening, it’s a miracle. And if anyone says cricket is slower, I’ll let Geoffrey Boycott loose on them (in-joke for the Brits).

3. There is no padding

Rugby players lay into each other like real men, with just the flimsiest of body padding. Grid-iron players are unrecognisable as human beings with all that body armour.

4. Rugby players have more expertise

Rugby is played by two teams of 15 players (8 on the bench). Between them, they have expertise in both attack and defence. Grid-iron players aren’t good enough to attack and defend, so a squad of immobile 300-pound elephants are programmed to come on and stop the attackers, who are the only guys who can really play the game when it comes to American football.

5. Rugby doesn’t need cheerleaders


Rugby does not need flimsily-dressed cheerleaders to give the male fans some real excitement. We also celebrate the scoring of tries with applause and back-slapping, not lots of ridiculous dancing and high fives.

Rebuttal American Football fans? Didn’t think so!