5 Most Expensive records ever.


In case you didn’t know, records are back and selling better than ever. Not just for hipsters, records have seen a revival in the last few years and more people are starting to get into collecting them. As with anything collectable there will always be a market for rare and limited variations that fetch the megabucks. With this there are often stories within the record collecting community of someone buying a record at a car boot sale for pennies before discovering it to be an extremely rare gem worth hundreds. This search for a diamond in the rough is always part of the excitement in collecting records and every once in a while the news breaks of one of these said records selling for huge amounts. Here at Bloke.ie we’re going to take a look at 5 of the most expensive record sales in history and why they fetched such a price.

5.The Beatles-Love me do/PS I love you:


This 7 inch demo is highly sought after by both Beatles fans and record collectors alike. Only 250 copies were made back in 1962 but the limited amount is not why it’s so expensive nowadays. A misspelling of Paul McCartney’s name is why people want this demo, the wrong spelling being “McArtney” instead. Truly an expensive little mistake.


4. John Children – Midsummer Night’s Scene/Sara Crazy Child

Another 7 inch record and this one is a bit of a mystery as it was never actually released and so it’s not possible to tell how many actually exist. Sought after as it contains Marc Bolan on guitar who would go on to form the band T Rex in 1967, the same year this record was created. The big TR a possible influenced for his own bands name? Maybe?

Price – £4,000

3. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody/I’m in love with my car

Yet another 7 inch which proves they are every bit as important as full LPs. This record is highly sought after as it was never put on sale. Instead the record itself was used as a form of invitation to a company event by EMI records. The record came with other themed pieces such as matches, pen, scarf, goblet and an actual ticket for the event with a menu included.

Price – £5,000

2. Sex Pistols – God save the Queen/No Feelings

The huge hit single from the Sex Pistols was released on this record back in 1977 before being pulled from stores suddenly. As a result there are roughly only 300 believed to exist and as such this is a highly sought after record. They came in brown envelopes with a press releasing inside and as such collectors with the full bundle can ask for about £500 more than those with just the record itself.

Price – (With Envelope) £8,000

1. The Quarrymen – That’ll be the day/In spite of all the danger

The Quarrymen is a name that most record collectors will be well aware of all of and this record is the ultimate find. There is however a different version of the same record which has only 25 copies, it’ll cost you £10,000 to get that one. This one however is a one of a kind. Why is it so special? Well The Quarrymen was a young band from Liverpool that contained some special members such as Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison. There are many Beatles albums that cost massive amounts of money but this pre-Beatles record is the gem in the crown.

Price – £100,000

These are just 5 rare and expensive records out of so many that could have easily made the list. The Beatles dominate the world of expensive records but there are often other bands that somehow create rare and sought after records either by accident or indeed by design. If you’re interested in Records you should go and start collecting, a tip however being to start with bands you know and like at first. If you already collect them then keep your eye out for them