10 Most Annoying Sounds and Why They Annoy Us

Most Annoying Sounds Revealed

The most annoying sounds in life can make the blood pressure boil, irritate you to the point of wanting to inflict violence on the culprit of these annoying sounds. If you have experienced this, you are not alone. According to science, this has been researched, and the reason why these sounds annoy us is as a result of misophonia causing an increased amount of brain activity when these annoying sounds occur. So what are the most annoying sounds? Here is a top 10 list, and just because were sound blokes we have included the sound clips into this post!

Nails Dragging on Chalk Boards

Nails dragging on a chalkboard is one of the most famous annoying sounds. So much so it has even been researched in an academic publication and yes they have concluded that this one of the most annoying sounds known to man! But the reason why this sound annoy’s us so much is that anything above 4000 Hz causes an increase in unpleasant stimulus within our brains.

Baby Crying

The reason why babies crying irritates us so much is actually due to an innate reaction within our physiology. According to this study by the University of Oxford, the sound of a baby crying activates primitive parts of the brain involved in fight-or-flight responses. It also causes us to experience a higher heart rate, blood pressure and hand grip strength. But this is nature enabling us to be more alert and activated as a result of babies crying. So, the reason why we get so annoyed at babies crying is actually an innate reaction to protect. But still, it does not stop that piercing sound. Don’t despair, if you need to hush your baby here are the best ways to calm your baby. But let’s be honest, when a baby is reaching that piercing not, you do not have time to google, read and find the solution. Instead, as a daddy hack, download this shusher app which sends them off to a nod faster than you can google ‘how to stop babies crying’!


Snoring is one of the most annoying sounds, but this sound of snoring is actually comical. But why do people find snoring so annoying? Not only does it effect a person sleeping, but the reason we snore is as a result of an obstructed airflow in a sleeping person trying to breathe. But if you do have a snoring problem, do your missus a favour and see a doctor, you can even do this online so you really have no excuse.


Slurping a cup of tea is just down right annoying. In fact, there is no need to slurp. It is really possible to drink a cup of tea without slopping. But apparently slurping a cup of tea is actually a thing. The art to slurping which originated in England in 1930 was annoying then and is annoying now! But why does it annoy us? Again this is as a result of misophonia which naturally causes us to become angrier as a result of this increased brain activity. It could be argued that your colleague in work slurping their tea could make you more productive! But not in a positive way.

Loud chewing

Chewing gum is particularly annoying but, once again when people chew gum this causes the common misophonia. In fact, 20% of us suffer from misophonia. So next time you are taking out that pack of gum to freshen your breath, have a think about the people that might find this one of the most aggravating actions on the planet.

A dog barking

The reason why a dog’s bark annoy’s us so profoundly is that of the sound waves they create when barking. These sound waves have such an effect on our bodies causing even the sensory hair cells of our ears to send stimuli to the brain making us feel tense, nervous and anxious with this sound.

A car alarm

Car alarms were invented to be annoying. The alarm itself is meant to deter robbers and vandalisms in order to protect the car. But when a neighbours car sounds for absolutely no reason at all, especially early on a weekend morning post night on the town has made this sound make the top 10 most annoying sounds! However, if you live in busy cities, these sounds become less annoying. But what can you do if this sound goes off and the owner is not there? You could ring the gardai or grab a sledge hammer. The choice is yours. One gets the alarm off quicker, one could potentially put you in jail…

Dripping Taps

Dripping taps is plainly annoying. Not because it causes an increase in stimuli and brain activity or that it could aggravate the normal person of becoming OCD. But if this happens at night and you are watching TV there little a plumber can do for you. Instead, consider tying a piece of string around the tap into the drain to allow the water filter down. This will stop the dripping sound over night. For more information follow this step by step guide.

Badly Played Violin

A badly played violin is hard to listen to. But this some could consider it downright annoying. But for others, it is very funny. Either way, the sound of a screechy violin is desperately annoying. This is as a result of a badly played violin reaching above our tolerable 4000 Hz. If you are one of those annoying neighbours who like to practice the violin especially at early weekends, Stop! If not, why not reduce your neighbour’s blood pressure and patience and invest in a pair of earphones and an electric violin as well as amp where you can play to your hearts intent without annoying anyone!

Dentist Drills

Dentist drills are the most annoying sound known to man. If you don’t believe us, try to make it through the videos above and then click play on this evil sound above. You won’t last. The reason why dentist drills cause us to be so annoyed and anxious is actually as a result of our flight and fight response against the dentist. When this drill is powered up, our sympathetic nervous system goes on overload causing our adrenal-cortical system to speed up, tense and become more alert. Completely the opposite of what we should do when we hear this piercing sound. But, don’t worry your body hasn’t completely given up on you yet. This flight and fight response is actually a protective mechanism against pain. Despite this, by no shred of a dought the dentist drill is one of the most annoying sounds, but the next time your in the dentist and there is no way out, embrace this as it could make reduce the actual pain!