Why do us Blokes get the Morning Wood?

Why blokes get morning wood

Have you ever wondered why you get morning wood or an erection in the morning? It’s common and normal, but the curiosity goes off when the tent has been pitched. So what actually causes the morning horn? Or more importantly what causes it?. Well while there is no concrete reason for it but a few suggestions seem plausible. The actual name for it is ‘Nocturnal Penile Tumescence’, NPT, and we will try to simplify some of the suggested reasons why it happens.

1. A full bladder causes a reflex erection.

Your bladder fills up during the night causing the urine to fill the urethra. As a result, this causes your mick to become engorged and will often become erect. There is no concrete science behind why this occurs, but scientists have theorised that the wood we experience in the morning is a result of a trigger to make us go to the jacks in the morning. A bloke tip, if you want to have a better night’s sleep, don’t sleep on your stomach!

2. Testosterone peak in the morning.

Upon awakening, testosterone levels are at their peak. This level of testosterone can cause the morning wood to occur. In fact if you notice that you haven’t been getting the morning wood recently this could be a result of you having low testosterone. Lack of sleep and stress are factors that can impact changes in testosterone levels. Therefore if you want to perform better in the gym or at the weekend, make sure you get sleep and practice yoga to reduce stress to improve your testosterone levels. Getting the morning wood is actually a test to prove you are getting your sleep and stress levels are in check!

3. Electrical impulses that peak during REM sleep.

One of the main reasons we get morning wood is caused due to rapid eye movement (REM) The brain shuts off neurotransmitters in an effort to regulate the body and stop you from acting out your dreams. Norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter that happens to be involved with the control of erections, causes vasoconstriction of penis blood vessels, which actually prevent an erection! As a result, this causes an increased level of blood flow into our penis causing us to wake up to the morning wood!

4. The release of Nitric Oxide

The release of Nitric Oxide relaxes muscles but also causes blood vessels to dilate, which causes increased blood supply to your manhood resulting in an erection. It is of course completely natural and a very healthy sign in men, and sometimes during the night your horn can last for 2 hours!