10 amazing facts about Manchester United

10 Manchester united amazing facts

Here are 10 amazing Manchester united facts that you need to know if you want to be a die hard united fan.

1. Ryan Giggs almost signed for Man City.

Manchester United hero Ryan Giggs was almost scouted by rival club Manchester City. He had been recognised by city as “gifted”. However he had been snatched by Manchester United  before city had their claws in him.

2. Manchester United (Sir Alex Ferguson), have never lost a match at Old Trafford when leading at half-time.

The last time Manchester United had been beaten at home while leading a halftime under Alex Ferguson was May 7, 1984. That was almost 30 years of not being beaten after leading at halftime. Some say that Sir Alex Ferguson was a god.

3. Manchester United were known as Newton Heath LYR F.C. (1878-1902) and in 1902 they changed to Manchester United.

The team was formed by railway employees in Newton Heath and had LYR at the end as it stood for Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. The name was changed to Manchester United as the new owner wanted to gain people’s interest.

4. Just over half of the Manchester United team died in the Munich air disaster (06/05/1958).

When the plane had crashed in Munich, it killed 23 passengers out of 43 passengers which was just more than half of the team and a couple of staff. The manager however had survived Matt Busby.

5. Ronaldinho almost signed for Man Utd in 2003

Ronaldinho said that he would’ve joined Man Utd if Sandro Rosell had not been appointed Barcelona manager in 2003. He was a target for Man Utd as David Beckham had left in 2003.

6. Sir Alex’s last chewed gum sold for 390,000 pounds on ebay

Sir Alex ferguson’s chewing gum that he chewed for his last game in charge of Manchester United was auctioned and sold on ebay for £390,000, which is more than an expensive ferrari.

7. Louis Van Gaal was Man utd’s first non british manager

Man utd are a very British club and only in recent years have they signed their first foreign manager. Both Louis Van Gaal and Jose Mourinho are Man Utd’s only foreign managers.

8. United took the nickname “Red Devils” from Salford Rugby club by Matt Busby.

In the 1960’s Salford toured France wearing red shirts and as they were called the Salford Red devils Matt Busby had preferred that to “The Busby Babes” and adopted it.

9.Manchester United were the first ever English Premier League (EPL) team to win the European Cup now known as the UEFA Champions’ League.

Manchester United had been the first ever English Premier League team to win the Champions league. The won it in the season of 1967-68 under manager Matt Busby.

10. Manchester United FC along with Arsenal FC has won most number of FA Cups in history. They have both won the prestigious cup 12 times.

As of the last FA Cup, Manchester United have equalled the record to that of the amount of times Arsenal have won it. Arsenal had outranked United with the amount of FA Cups in 2015 but as Man United had won it in 2016 the record is shared.