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myleene klass smoking hot lingerie

A Bloke’s Guide to Buying Lingerie

When it comes to buying presents for the woman in your life, there's one gift idea which a lot of men really want to...

The science behind being ‘Hangry’

Scientists have FINALLY started explaining the dreaded state when your mate or missus is the state of being "Hangry." According to science, the reason's why...

What if Ireland remained part of the British Empire?

What if Ireland was part of the United Kingdom, not just the British Empire. While at one time it had been a colony, by...
déjà vu

What causes Déjà vu

One side of your brain is usually 'in charge' of a particular skill – for example, in most people, the left side of the...
First Dates things to avoid as a bloke

Top Turn Offs for Women on a First Date

Don’t make the old clichéd mistakes and avoid these common turn offs for women. Because good women are hard to find. If you manage...

Is Beer Good for you?

So ‘Whos having a Beer?’ a common rousing call in offices and workplaces all over the land of a Friday. Many of us go...
Eat Junk and get abs bloke

How Eating Junk Food Can Get You Abs

What if eating junk food could actually get us abs?! Well Fitness expert Laura Ciotte explains to us blokes how Eating Junk Food Can actually result...
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