Why Blokes Shouldn’t be allowed in the Kitchen


Give it that there are lot’s of talented Blokes out there that can cook including some of the best skilled chefs and bakers, some lads just aren’t born with the gift of cooking and really shouldn’t be allowed in the kitchen!

Lets face it, we have all been victim to watching the game and leaving the pot to burn its contents to death. But not everyone can learn from these mistakes and granted safe to cook in the kitchen. This is true for these following kitchen fails that blokes have been responsible for.

Burning the spaghetti

spagetti on fire a total kitchen fail

It’s hard to believe that this kitchen fail happen as a result of letting the spaghetti fall between the hob, but this has taken burning spaghetti to a new level. Normally when you overcook spaghetti, it gets stuck to the pot requiring a huge amount of elbow grease to rectify. But this just takes the biscuit. Burning the spaghetti is just madness!

Overdoing the Rice…Just a Tad

overdoing the rice kitchen fail

Cooking rice is one of the easiest tasks. You put the rice into a pot, turn up the heat so that the rice achieves boiling point. This bloke however forgot to take the rice off the boil and as a result got a bit more than he bargained for.

Cappuccino Kitchen Fail

A cappacino fail in the kitchen

This kitchen disaster says it all. This bloke was trying to go all fancy and make a classic cappuccino but couldn’t wait for the kettle to boil or even pot to boil at home. Shall we say microwaving a cappuccino is not the best strategy for preparing the perfect coffee.

The Drunken Kitchen Fail

kitchen fail coming home drunk and burning everything

This kitchen fail is a bit more dangerous than you would believe, but it is probably one of the most common kitchen fails out there. Your out on a night out, you have had too much to drink. You come home and the first thing that has hit your mind is to get some “soakage”. Heating the oven up, popping in the oven baked chips and chicken and having a little rest on the couch…when you least expect if fall asleep. You are so drunk, you even sleep out the smoke alarm! Well end result speaks for itself. Remember, avoid cooking anything when coming in drunk for health and safety reasons!

The pressure just gets too much!

pressure cooker kitchen fails

Pressure cookers are just simply a recipe for disaster in the kitchen. Leave these unattended and the pressure in the kitchen might just get a bit too much.

The Pizza Tinfoil Kitchen Fail

the tinfoil kitchen fail with pizza

This one is just a matter of either pure laziness or you have had a few too many. Failing to put the tinfoil in the oven when cooking will let your pizza fall through the cracks, literally. Avoid this kitchen fail and add a bit of tin foil to your next attempt at cooking pizza.

The Kitchen Explosion

Pot hitting the ceiling in a kitchen fail

So it’s clear to say that cooking in the kitchen is just not a thing we should expect Blokes to be instant experts. Obviously these are extreme examples of kitchen fails, but let’s be honest, to stay safe it’s probably best we just keep ourselves clear from the kitchen! Maybe us lads should just order a Takeaway online instead?