Is Beer Good for you?


So ‘Whos having a Beer?’ a common rousing call in offices and workplaces all over the land of a Friday. Many of us go along and have a few and head home, a few stay on till closing and leave horizontally. We have often wondered are there any health benefits to drinking beer, in moderation. Well, it turns out that beer is actually good for you. It can decrease the Incidence of Heart Disease by increasing the good Cholesterol in your body

The reasons why beer is good for you;

It’s hard to believe that beer is actually healthy but the following benefits of drinking beers will help reduce the guilt of drinking beers every day. Apart from being loaded with vitamins, a beer a day can help you with stress.

Us Blokes love Beer and its good for your heart

Decreased incidents of heart disease

Drinking a few beers is drinking healthy. Moderate consumptions, not binge drinking, can improve your cholesterol due to an increase in HDL (good cholesterol) and a decrease in LDL (the bad cholesterol).

Good for Your Skin and Hair

man pouring beer on head

Beer is good for your skin as it helps to clear it as well as aid hair growth. Beer contains vitamins such as B6 which is really good for acne reduction and increasing natural skin shine. Furthermore, The contents of hops and malt in beer make hair more healthy and act as an exceptional ingredient for hair growthBeer is full of vitamin B6 which helps battle heart disease.

Beer may prevent some cancers

Xanthohumol is a beer ingredient and, through research in 2010 by an Austrian research team in rats, shut down abnormal cell growth and prevented DNA damage. Research in 2016 continues to support that the argument of the benefits of beer for various cancers in particular breast cancer in women. Another good reason to enjoy a beer with the misses after a long day at work.

Beer builds bones

Beer is a great source of silicon, which is important for building and maintaining healthy bones. As a result, drinking beer could mean that you are less likely to suffer from osteoporosis in later life. In particular, research has found that pale ales contain the highest level of silicon. This compound is also responsible for slowing down bone thinning which could lead to unnecessary fractures and boosting the formation of new bone!

Beer polishes your teeth

Beer is good for your teeth one more reason to smile

Image source: Carolina Dentist

That slimy furry stuff that collects on your teeth is called biofilm, and beer can prevent it from forming. From polishing and strengthening your teeth to protecting your gums from periodontal disease, drinking beer can give you better oral health.

Beer could prevent kidney stones

A study of nearly 200,000 patients published in 2013 showed that beer drinking reduced the likelihood of kidney stone formation by 60%. But take this study with a pinch of salt as the cause of kidney stones is unknown. But what is known is that keeping hydrated will keep kidney stones as far away as possible. And let’s be honest, drinking beer is much more fun that drinking water!

Beer fights inflammation

Hops are full of chemicals known as bitter acids, which are full of chemicals known as bitter acids, which are full of health-promoting effects. Bitter acids are also powerful inflammation fighters which are great for gut health and your stomach. But not all beers fight inflammation. To drink stomach-friendly beers, you need to choose your hops carefully and opt for high-quality beers such as craft beers.

Beer is your perfect post workout drink

Beer as a post workout drink

Putting your body through a good workout depletes a lot of important vitamins, hydrating electrolytes, nutrients. That’s why we are told that eating fruit is good post workouts due to its vitamin content.  But as a bloke beers a much more preferred post-workout drink. As mentioned previously, beer contains sugary carbs, a hint of electrolytes, and a few helpful plant-based nutrients that come from the hops, yeast, and barley. It turns out Beer is good for you after a workout.

So it is not all bad for us folk who enjoy a tipple after work on a Friday or a sneaky few on a school night, but like everything, moderation is the key here. Binge drinking will do you no favors. So armed with this information, do us blokes really need any more reasons to drink beer?