Why the Detox Diet is A lot Of Nonsense!

Detox diets are a waste of time

“The next 10 days on this detox diet will change your life!” Even the opening statement from these type of videos are seriously comical. “70% of the earth is water, and you know what 70% of your body is water…”

However, we are susceptible to this nonsense around January time, especially after that Christmas indulgence.

Feelings of guilt after an excess of calories makes us gullible to this type of marketing.

But, A diet that claims to detox your body helps you lose weight, make you feel better does sound appealing, but unfortunately, the detox diet is a load of nonsense and here’s why;

Detox Companies cannot prove which toxin their detox targets!

Organic detox diet

From patches to pills, drinks and secret potions, it seems to have been forgotten, but back in 2009 science could not back up any claim from these so called detox companies.

When these companies or weight loss guru’s were put on the spot, they could not reference any scientific proof that their products or solutions even targetted a single toxin that we are apparently trying to rid our bodies of.

So remember this January, just because you over ate some potatoes and chocolates, this doesn’t mean that you have to go on a detox diet. In other words, avoid the urges of mass buying organic fruit and vegetables or even worse, hocus pocus detox powders.

Instead, focus on eating healthy and moderately eating those greens and vegtables at least twice a day.


The cons of detox diets out weight the pro’s

your organs natural detox system

The cons of common detox diets severely outweigh the benefits.

Sure you might loose weight, but the repercussions of diets such as Juice fasting, Raw foodism or even the “master cleanse” leave a lot to be desired.

Take the fruit flush diet for example. This diet claims to flush your body full of toxins. Again what toxins? And exactly what are we trying to flush out?

Fair enough with any depletion diet, you will naturally lose weight. However, detox diets such as this will leave you depleted of essential nutrients. These diets will also make you feel unwell due to the lack of calories and only cause tempory weight loss at best.

Notice, we haven’t even mentioned the repercussions on your bowel movements throughout this diet with the increased levels of fibre.


Your body already has an excellent “detox” system in place

your organs natural detox system

Given that your liver, kidneys, lungs and other organs rid your body of the byproducts of your metabolism “toxins”, undertaking a special diet to drain out your miserable intestines or even aggravate your bowel system is complete nonsense.

But don’t worry it’s not your fault. You are at your weakest post-Christmas. You are bloated, full of over eating guilt. The reality, weight loss marketing has hit you at your lowest point.

But if you leave your body in a calorie deficit such as these detox diets do, this will weaken your immune system. By lowering your immune system you are actually lowering your own natural detox system (your organs) to do their actual detoxification work!

So there you have it lads, next time your missus takes out that blender and serves you up a noisy green mixture of detox nonsense, you have the facts to back up your swift removal of that ear deafening blender to the bottom of that bin!