This Bloke Severed his Genitals Climbing A Metal Spiked Fence

man severs genitals on fence

Every Blokes worst fear! Severing genitals while climbing a metal fence. Even reading that gives every lad the tingles in the testicles. God knows why this Russian bloke decided to climb this fence, but as he did, he severed his genitals. The image was that graphic below it had to be blurred;

Man severs genitals on spike fence

It really gives the phrase “I don’t think you would have the balls to do that” a whole other meaning.

As far as the Daily Mail reported, he attempted to climb the fence while drunk. We have all been there, but let’s be honest doing that was never going to end well. So much so, he left a good chunk of his manhood behind and was seen to in a local hospital in south west Russia.

I am not sure which is worse. This other guy last October from Honduras gave it to his homemade sex toy which was literally a plastic bottle but ended up getting his lad stuck in it.

man got penis stuck in bottle

Unfortunately for the 50-year-old, who didn’t bother to seek medical help for obvious reasons, he was told he’d have to his manhood amputated. But it was too late, his lad got necrosis causing his penis cells to decay and died. Ouch!

As a life lesson lads, avoid climbing fences while drunk or toying around with homemade sex objects!