Could Cannabis be the Missing Ingredient to your Workout?


I kid you not Power Plant Fitness is the world’s first ever Cannabis gym. The idea behind the marijuana gym is to help athletes and gym goers get immersive into the fitness buzz with a little recreational help. Normally when we think of marijuana users, we think of people who are lazy and lethargic. This gym is defying contrary beliefs about cannabis and claiming that marijuana could be the missing ingredient to your workouts!

benefits of marijuana

Benefits of Marijuana for Athletes

Although Research has tried to examine the benefit of marijuana for athletes, in particular, runners, unfortunately, the study failed to provide any conclusive evidence that marijuana could actually be beneficial for athletic performance. However, despite the inclusive evidence, there are anecdotal stories of marijuana aiding them with recovery.

In fact, research is completely defying any benefit. A 1975 paper found that those who smoked pot experienced a 25 percent decrease in power output. Another study found that people who ingested THC lost motor skills and experienced decreased reaction time.

Despite research failing to correlate any scientific benefits to smoking weed before a workout or even helping with athletic performance, taking weed could help you increase focus and get you in the zone for your workout.

Even The World Anti-Doping Association has banned the use of cannabis during competition. They apparently ban the use of cannabis due to their belief that cannabis decreases anxiety. As a result, this could potentially help athletes stay calm in the heat of competition, and acts as a bronchodilator, which increases airflow to the lungs.

For the average gym goer, on the other hand, this could be hugely beneficial! The number one reason why overweight people avoid the gym is not down to laziness but fear of what other people think. In other words, they are suffering from anxiety. Maybe smoking weed before a workout could help more people become comfortable with going to the gym or even getting pumped. But does that mean that the new pre-workout for the gym is sparking up a spliff?

Perhaps yes. For people who lack the motivation “get in the zone” weed can actually produce endocannabinoids a naturally occurring form of THC which, along with endorphins, are responsible for the “runner’s high” that athletes enjoy. Smoking pot simply puts you in that state before your body begins generating the chemical. So lad’s the next time you’re feeling a bit “meh” not in the mood for a workout, maybe smoking a joint could be the secret ingredient that you have been missing all along.

Cannabis versus Hemp Oil (CBD Oil) for working out

Although cannabis offers various health benefits, smoking just isn’t good for you regardless. It also contains THC which is the psychoactive compound. Both cannabis and Hemp contain cannabinoids, but CBD Oil does not get you stoned and offers the following health benefits including pain management, stress reduction and even improves eye health.

So, Marijuana may include various health benefits and could help you with your workout, but if you want to get all of the benefits of the cannabinoids without the pychoactive elements, well then maybe getting yourself some CBD oil to help with your workouts might be the better solution!