A Bloke’s Guide to Buying Lingerie

myleene klass smoking hot lingerie

When it comes to buying presents for the woman in your life, there’s one gift idea which a lot of men really want to go for, but few of us have the cahonies, much less the know how to pull off property. That’s right good friend, we’re talking about the sacred and deadly art of buying sexy undies for she who must be obeyed.

Whilst stumbling around certain sections* of the Littlewoods Ireland catalogue, we happened across something which appears to have been written just for us; “A Bloke’s Guide To Buying Lingerie”. While it was written with Valentine’s Day in mind, we’re fairly confident that these gift ideas will deffo work for all occasions; birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, breakfast, lunch and dinner!

The advice comes straight from Myleene Klass, the queen of all things ladies undergarments – she makes a living making and wearing saucy lingerie, so there’s no better lass to ask for advice on such matters!

whats her bra sizelingerie is for hernot sure about buying lingerie

  • Speaking of certain sections, they’ve a fair few interesting options to choose from in their lingerie section – happy days.