The Best Sporting Nicknames


Nicknames are awarded to a few of us by the way we look, some funny or embarrassing moment we were involved with, a shortened version of our surname or by a sport we used to play, whatever way they happened upon us they are not meant to be offensive but for fun.

Some of the best sporting nicknames have been seen in sport. Here are some of the best nickname in sport;

100 Greatest Sports Nicknames of All-Time

1. Whispering Death

West Indian fast bowler Michael Holding who took 249 test wickets using a technique that was quiet but deadly, the famous umpire Dicky Bird bestowed the nickname on him.
Neil ‘Dissa’ Pointon – Given to the mostly unspectacular defender who played for Man City, Everton, and Oldham.

2. The TurbanatorThe not so PC

The not so PC nickname given to Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh.

3. The King of Spain

A misprint on mugs and t-shirts for Ashley Giles’ testimonial cricket match claiming he was the ‘King of Spain’ it should have read the ‘King of Spin’, facepalm right there.

4. ‘One Size’ Fitz Hall

The defender, midfielder who played for Southampton, Crystal Palace, QPR, Watford and others.

5. The raging potato

The famous Irish and Lions rugby player and now pundit Keith Wood, given his bald head and round shaped head.

6. Suitcase

Mike ‘Suitcase’ Sillinger the ice hockey veteran who set a record for the number of teams he played for, 12, but rarely finished a season with each team.

7. Martin ‘Chariots’ Offiah

The quick footed rugby league and union player.

8. Mrs Doubtfire

Bestowed to the often angry golfer Colin Montgomerie, the inspiration for the name is obvious.


9. The Round mound of Rebound

Rebound – Charles Barkley, the NBA all-star, had a skillful knack of winning rebounds.

So the next time you are heading out to meet the likes of Shoulders, Popcorn, Doors or Bobcat just remember nicknames are mostly a term of affection.