7 Funny Boxing, UFC and MMA moments

7 Funny boxing, UFC and MMA moments

Here are 7 Funny Boxing, UFC and MMA moments. They show the funny side of fighting.

1. Holyfield uses his head

In the 8th round of a fight between Evander Holyfield and Hasim Rahman, Holyfield uses his head which causes major swelling just above his eye which has never been recorded a lump that big in boxing history and is seen as bizarre.

2. Double Knockout

Two MMA fighters managed somehow to knock each other out by hitting each other with a lot of force at the same time. Something like this is rare and will barely be seen which makes it a funny moment.

3. Hatton bashes his head

Ricky Hatton whacked his head into the corner of the ring and fell to the ground as Mayweather hit him a vicious left hook which he later wins the fight as he proves to much for Hatton.

4. Bellew with a vicious knockout

Tony Bellew absolutely destroys Ilunga Makabu to win the WBC world cruiserweight title in goodison park. The knockout was vicious and the fight very one sided. As bellew had hit him with some force to make him collapse.

5. Fastest Knockout in UFC history

Todd Duffee became the person with the fastest knockout in UFC history, after he knocked out Tim Hague in just seven seconds after the first bell had gone off. Tim Hague had signalled Todd duffee to touch gloves, but he wasn’t having that.

6. Referee gets Knocked out

Referee gets knocked out as he tries to help, by pushing the fighters away from one another but one of the boxers did not see him and threw a left hand trying to knock down his opponent but instead, got the referee

7. Tyson bites Holyfield

Mike Tyson was boxing Evander Holyfield and all of a sudden he decides to take a large bite of his ear. Holyfield was not happy with this and started jumping up and down to stop the fight for a few seconds. This had never been seen before in boxing history.