10 Vegetables that are actually Fruits.


I am remembering a famous press conference when Brian O’Driscoll said, ‘Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit but wisdom is knowing not to put it is a fruit salad’, wise words from the Leinster and Ireland legend. Surprisingly though we very often confuse what is a fruit and what isn’t, anyway fear no more as we have the definitive list of vegetables that are actually fruits for you:


As mentioned above it is, in fact, a fruit.



Yes, the current health favourite across numerous multimedia sites, avocado on toast, drink it, smear it on your bits, it can do no wrong, the avocado is actually a fruit.



Go figure. Wouldn’t be a huge fan of this yoke.


4Butternut Squash

Only good for soup that’s it, but yes it’s a fruit.



Cucumbers are tasteless 96% water, but a fruit 100%



The devil’s testicles as otherwise known, but are also a fruit.



Fruit is normally associated with eating straight without any cooking involved but with all surprise, this one’s actually a fruit!



Peas are a great dinner accompaniment. And as bated into you as a kid eat your veggies as a part of dinner. But all behold, peas are actually classified as a fruit.



The fact is the only difference between the colour of peppers is ripeness. But this common fajita dinner/stir fry favourite is actually a fruit. And, the red pepper has the highest amount of vitamin C.



So there you have it, all fruits but the majority of us would think other wise and classify them as vegetables.