10 Things Irish People hate.


Irish people are a bit funny in they won’t tell you to your face exactly what they hate, but here are 10 things Irish people hate that knowing can make us like you a little more!

The ‘Ah here’ folk, as in ‘Ah Here would you get a grip.

Listen there’s no point in you thinking that you’re something you’re not. If you read the news on radio or TV, if you sell out arenas for concerts, if you appear on TV spouting about your specialised subject, no one cares, you’re Irish The Bubble.

A few bankers bent us over and stuck it to us causing the Irish recession. Then we were Nama’d. Then we all went crazy spending it when it wasn’t real. Then we lost it all. Now, all we do is moan about it!

ATM machines that are not working

ATM not working

On a night out and after having a skinful after a failed Tinder date, she said she was 6’2’ and a 4 foot nothing yoke turned up, she left because you asked where the rest of her was. Anyhoo drunk you wants to go home, in a cab and the usual ‘Yeh stop here I’ll get cash at the ATM’ and of course the ATM is out of order! How much do Irish people hate this, a hell of a lot!

The Blonde Rugby supporter during the 6 Nations

women blonde irish rugby supporter

Firstly they arrive late. They then proceed to ask questions such as, ‘Oh he’s nice, great legs’, ‘Why did that guy hit that other guy?’, ‘He’s so wearing fake tan’. ‘Is he single?’. Then the running commentary starts, ‘Kick it, hit him, OMG he’s a ride’, and so on.

Wallet shy in the pub

wallet shy

Yeh, we all know them, ‘It’s your round’.

‘But I got the last one’

‘No you didn’t please leave’.

Being wallet shy in the pub is an untold worst thing you can do to an Irish person, were out to have a good time, not to worry about whos got the next round. We have much more important things to worry about such as the 12 O’Clock warning of last round!

The successful Mate

The Sucessful Friend

‘He’s done well for herself’

‘Thought him all he knows, he’s’ a good friend’

‘Is he a friend of yours’?

‘Yeh, he’s a Pr%#k’.

The Weather

cold winter

Well, it’s like this, if it’s too cold we are giving out, if it’s’ too warm we are giving out. The normal weather range in Ireland is rain, slightly warmer rain, clouds then snow and then more rain. The glowing orb in the sky is a rarity and it just brings out the worst in us, sun factor 250 sells out in minutes.Itinerants


Hold up I hear the PC brigade banging their drum. The simple fact is the vast majority of Irish people cannot stand them despite anyone saying anything. Some of us have a unique fondness for our travelling friends and their work ethic, others just call it as it is, ‘They are sponging scumbags’, the decision is yours. But without generalising, the majority are just pure ferril!The price of a pint.

The price of a pint.

price of a pint a rip off

Now there is little that will divide a conversation in a pub than the price of a pint

‘I was in Benidorm last month and I got 14 pints, 2 shots of vodka, 7 bags of crisps all for a fiver, Jaysus this country is a rip off’

But honestly, How do the Irish pubs get away with the price of a pint?Foreigners in Ireland:

Foreigners in Ireland

people claiming to be irish when there not

We all now have Bessie Polish mates, our friends might have married into a foreign family and truth be known you can bang on all you want about the foreigners but their woman are just hotter so get over it, plus the fact you’re not going to work McDonald’s now are you?